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High-Low Polka Dot Shirt From Forever 21!

High-Low Polka Dot Shirt
There are many dresses and shirts that you would love falling for at Forever 21. One of them is High-Low Polka Dot Shirt. This shirt would suit perfectly on your thin, slim and pretty young legs. It would certainly give you a feel of being the living Tinker Bell, a naughty fairy. Trust me people would love seeing you in it and you will fall in love with High-Low Polka Dot shirt.

It is a midi-length chiffon shirt with a polka dot print and a high-low hemline. The waist line is elasticized for easy wear. It’s fully lined giving a very clean finishing to the entire shirt. It’s super light-weighted and woven for comfort. It’s approximately 17-31″ in length from waist to hem and its 24″ waist adjusts perfectly around your wait. Its shell and lining are 100% pure polyester and it can be hand washed and line dried.

Like many others this Polka Skirt can also be bought in discounted rates with Forever 21 coupons. My boy has bought one for me and I look likes his Tinker Bell and he’s my Peter Pan.


High-Low Polka Dot Shirt $17.80

Get High-Low Polka Dot Shirt just for $17.80

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Coupon Code: th0a8h

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