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Today, I will share some latest news about Forever 21. If you love someone then you want to know about. What is he/she doing? And I’m here to update you about your love.

Forever 21 Opens in SM Mall of Asia

Forever 21 is opening its doors in SM Mall of Asia tom today, 27/07/12. It’s great news for Forever’s Asian lovers. Customers can get discount by using Forever 21 coupon code of P500 from 10:00am to 10:30am. I hope there will be huge crowd between discount offer timing so reach there on time.

Forever 21 Rocker Fall Collection 2012

Forever 21 is offering fitted hats, leather pieces and Versace-like silk shirts in stores this fall. They are focusing on neutrals, fun prints and red color. The best thing about Forever 21 pieces is that you can mix and match them. I think this collection is perfect for college girls who are seeking for affordable great pieces.

Forever 21 Opens store in Grand Rapids

The most popular American trendy fashion store Forever 21 is opening its store at Woodland Mall which will be the first and only in the Grand Rapids area market. Kentwood mall told that store approximately will be 26, 164 feet. This news brought a wide smile to Forever 21 lovers.

Forever 21 Store at Mid Valley Megamall & Amber Chia Secret Key

Malaysia’s top model Amber Chia (age 31) said that every woman wants to be 21 forever but doesn’t know how. She has got the key…

“If you feel young at heart, you’ll look young. If you think you’re old, you’ll look old. I’m 21 in the heart,”

She added that it doesn’t matter if you were a mother. Remember she is mum of one. Amber shared her thought at the opening of Forever 21 store in Kuala Lumpur.


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