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Forever 21 Swimsuits and Bikinis

Summer season is about to end. We had so much fun in this summer and hope you would have. Specially the days which we spend on beach. I’ve curvy body shape so I get attraction but my friend is just an average but two weeks ago when we went to beach I felt she was getting more attraction then me. I asked her Samantha what is going on here ??? She was confuse and asked me Julie what are you talking about? I said to her I’m talking about “attraction” which you are getting. She laughed and asked with surprisingly! Really Julie. I said really and I’m jealous 🙂 I’ve curvy body and besides that I’m getting little bit attraction but you……. She said Julie you have hot and sexy body and everyone is watching you but I’ve one thing which you don’t have. I said what? The answer was Forever 21 swimsuit. OMG seriously I don’t buy swimwear from Forever 21. I always buy from Victoria Secrets and no doubt they are rich in swimwear.

I shop at Forever 21 for dresses, tops, bottoms, lingerie and shoes but haven’t shopped for bikinis or swimsuits but from last week, I have been shopping swimsuit from Forever 21 because I want to get attraction and want to look more hot and sexy. I advise you if you want to look sexy at the beach then don’t forget to wear Forever 21 swimsuits and bikinis. I’ve experienced 🙂 I purchased swimwear at 50% discount because on swimwear there is a sale of 50% to 80% so don’t miss the chance and get sexy swimwear at discounted rates.

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Oh sorry I missed one more thing which I would like to share with you. There is another Forever 21 promo code which I haven’t shared with you.

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